Free Parking - The Overlooked Amenity

I’ve been in the Executive Office business for 13 years and leasing office suites for the majority of that time. To this day, one question I enjoy answering is “What is your parking situation like and how much is it per month to park?”. At face value, it doesn’t seem like an unusual question but it reminds me of how unique our location is to our out of state or city based clients. My answer is the tri-fecta 1) we don’t charge any fees, monthly or otherwise 2) have ample parking –“ample” meaning over 100 parking spots and 3) parking spots are located in front of and in the back of the building, i.e. NOT a parking garage or in a far or inconvenient location.

Beavercreek Office Suites is perfectly positioned in a location close to many professional businesses, shopping, and restaurants without frustrating parking surprises. Let’s say at minimum you pay $50-$100/mth for a parking pass in another location, that’s the cost of a professional development course, an advantageous sponsorship opportunity, or catering for an end of the year party for your local team, etc. I think it’s obvious, it’s enough money to take pause. Taking a step further, what kind of experience does a paid parking situation leave with your guests, visitors, or potential clients? Our job is to make sure you and your guests move seamlessly from your car, to your office suite, and back to your car. Free parking is one of many ways we make sure You take care of business, and We take care of YOU!.